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Yoga 101 - Our signature introductory to Yoga class! Beginners or seasoned practitioners are guided into the three phases of a Yoga practice-Pranayama (breathing), traditional asanas (postures) and meditation. Detailed in instruction, this class will give the foundation needed for a healthy yoga practice. 

Hatha Yoga - Hatha yoga is an ancient asana practice that integrates breath, body, and mind. This class is a relaxed-paced yoga practice that integrates breath work with deliberate muscle elongation, toning, and spacial awareness.  Hatha yoga creates the right space for self-transformation by providing a greater sense of balance and direction both physically and energetically. The systematic relaxation, pranayama (breath-work), and meditation in this class is meant to harness the mind’s attention and the body's strength. No prior yoga experience required.

Vinyasa Flow As you mindfully integrate movement and breath, this Vinyasa class is aimed at the seasoned beginner who has some yoga experience and intermediate practitioners who are ready to expand their yoga practice. These classes begin to encourage practitioners to explore getting upside-down and may incorporate some arm balances and deeper backbends. We recommend that students seeking to take these classes feel confident, safe, and strong throughout classic sun salutations.

Open Flow  -  An open-level class where energizing postures that develop strength and flexibility are combined with coordinated breath and movement to release tensions held in the body. Modifications are given so that every pose is accessible to students of varying levels.  

Yoga Nidra Meditation – Yoga Nidra means yogic sleep, but the practice is actually one of awakening in every level of being. This class begins with gentle movements, then a long period spent reclined on the back, where you are guided through a specific form of meditation. Through bringing awareness throughout the body, Yoga Nidra will leave you with a sense of deep calm, quiet and clarity. 

Gentle Yoga –This is a more relaxing, less rigorous yoga class.  It is intended for those who need or want a change of pace and a yoga class that offers effective and unique modifications of the classic yoga postures and breathing techniques.  The Gentle Yoga Class is designed to release stress and increase the flexibility of body and mind. 

Yin Restorative Yoga – Our Yin Restorative class is a slow-paced asana practice. It enables you to move slowl with intention in and out of asanas.  The focus maybe on 9 or less asanas, This form of practice calm the mind and nervous system, enable you to turn inward, and focus on the breath.

Senior Yoga  - Yoga for Seniors is a gentle class incorporating range of movement exercises, alignment, stretching, strengthening, awareness, breathing and relaxation to refresh, energize, improve posture, deepen breathing and improve sense of well-being.

Meditation - Using the sensation of breath entering and leaving the body while in relaxation posture, this practice can give rise to deep states of calmness. Its is know as the "one pointed" concentration type of meditation - what Yogis and Buddhists call shamatha or samadhi practices.



"It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver."

~ Mahatma Gandhi



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